Meeting Minutes 2021-04-14

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    • timansell - google
    • paullecocq - ibm
    • toshaanbharvani - vantosh
    • billflynn - ibm
    • paulmackerras - ibm
    • toddrosedahl - ibm
    • stevenroberts - ibm
    • jameskulina - openpowerfoundation
    • zevweiss - equinix
    • mendyfurmanek - ibm
    • michaelneuling - ibm
    • arjunnaj - tataconsultancy
    • mytroung - equinix
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    Call to order / Attendance

    Anti-trust Reminder

    This is a reminder that all OpenPOWER Foundation activities are subject to strict compliance with the OpenPOWER Foundation’s Antitrust Guidelines. Each individual participant and attendee at this meeting is responsible for knowing the contents of the Antitrust Guidelines, and for complying with the Antitrust Guidelines. Copies of the Antitrust Guidelines are available at:

    Workgroup Housekeeping

    Update on workgroup charter process
    Call for participation went out until
    Chair and maintainer process
    Taking nominations / volunteers for positions
    Paul Lecocq, IBM
    Tim Pearson, Raptor
    POWER Core technical lead
    Uncore Technical Lead
    Tim Pearson, Raptor
    Software Technical Lead
    Github Maintainers
    Reminder of tentative Workgroup organization
    3 subproject proposal
    POWER Core selection, design, and optimization
    FPGA “uncore” required interface definition, I/O definition, on chip bus, build process
    OpenBMC updates and performance tuning, what is the minimum feature set / libraries needed
    Reminder of workgroup collaboration tools
    Slack / IRC
    #librebmc on freenode (namespace)
    Google Drive
    OPF Discuss
    GIT repository
    Larger shared storage area to save meeting recordings
    Need mailing list tool that people can add themselve to.
    LibreBMC press announcement
    OpenPOWER Blog
    Last Meeting Follow-up
    OCP Global Summit, Nov 8-10, Call for Papers June 1.
    New Business
    A2P - Bill Flynn, IBM
    Pretaped Video presentation and slides
    Open Items document
    Need to convert to github issues
    Use this for issues for the overall project
    Need to start getting content into git
    License file
    Apache V2 with hardware
    Go from the charter and add more description on working way
    How to select base core(s) to start from
    Microwatt (from BoxArty)
    Discussion on what components are needed on FPGA
    What exists
    Updates required?
    What needs to be designed

    LibreBMC Charter Status:
    Call for participation went out May 10
    14 day window closes May 26
    Expect first official meeting to be May 27, need to send that out to membership
    Workgroup organization

    A2P, Bill Flynn
    A2P started from VexRISC-V and converted it to POWER ISA
    32b core
    See presentation in Google Drive A2P folder for details
    A2P is currently ~5400 LUTs, VexRISCV is around 2000 LUTs
    Possible differences 1000 LUTS for GPR implementation in FF vs BRAM
    Hazard logic is more complex in POWER
    May have more hardcoded instructions vs microcoded in VexRISCV

    Open Items

    Git repository items

    Core selection

    FPGA Components / Status
    Action Items
    Start document of links to tools and hardware for others to replicate work.
    Diagram of all open tools, how they fit together, what is missing, what needs significant improvement - FuseSoc, OpenLane, Symbiflow, Yosys, openroads, etc
    EDA Tooling - Containers -
    Make sure these support Power. I believe that Rob Taylor added Power support.
    EDA Tooling - Conda -

    EDA Tooling - if you are a Bazel fan;
    Used by Google’s XLS team ->

    Add current projects that you are working on that relate to LibreBMC or opentools. Plan would be to schedule presentations on them to stir conversation and colla This will highlight areas where technical issues can be worked across projects.
    Next Meeting Agenda Items

    Future topics

    Arjun to present
    Tim Pearson to give update on where Raptor is going with Kestrel

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